Am I Awake During Dental Implant Surgery?


Are you thinking about getting a dental implant at HD Dental Studios or another practice in the Culver City area? Then you’re likely wondering what the procedure will look like.

A common concern with implant surgery is how much discomfort patients experience during it. Will there be any pain? Will you be put to sleep and not even remember it?

Discover the definitive answer in this short article. 

The Difference Between Sedation and Anesthesia

Many patients confuse sedation with anesthesia or believe they are the same thing. Not quite.

Sedation is most commonly used to help patients feel comfortable and relaxed during their oral health appointments. They can be recommended for people who deal with:

  • Severe dental anxiety
  • A strong gag reflex
  • Certain disabilities prevent them from sitting still in a dentist’s chair.
  • Severe dental damage and require complex and lengthy procedures.


While sedation does have some pain-reducing effects, its main role is to calm nerves.

Anesthesia, however, is used to block physical pain and keep patients comfortable. It will numb the tooth and surrounding area, allowing your Culver city dentist to work their magic while you don’t feel a thing.

Not All Sedation Puts Patients to Sleep

Usually, patients will remain fully awake and conscious even while under dental sedation. There’s only one type of sedative that specifically puts patients to sleep, and that’s general anesthesia.

But this sedative is only used in a clinical setting for major surgeries. 

Other types of dental sedation include:

  • Laughing gas: A mild sedative inhaled through a special mask.
  • Oral conscious: Sedation medications are taken shortly before your surgery 
  • IV sedation: Sedatives are delivered through an IV for lengthier procedures.

So, Will You Be Awake During Dental Implant Surgery?

Dental implant surgery isn’t a major procedure, so yes, most likely you’ll be fully awake during it.

The most common type of sedative used for implant surgery is oral conscious. You’ll need to take some pills shortly before the surgery, which will kick in in just a few minutes. 

The medication will make you feel relaxed, but you will be awake and able to speak to your dentist and follow instructions.

Some patients can be so relaxed that they doze off, but it’s not common. 

In extreme cases, a dentist may recommend doing this procedure under general anesthesia while the patient is unconscious.

If the patient suffers from severe anxiety and is apprehensive and uncooperative when sedated, general anesthesia might be the only way for them to get through this procedure. 

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